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Nutritional Supplements For Treating Depression -

SAM-e for Depression


  Methyl Magic

Methyl Magic: Maximum Health Through Methylation ...cures depression


  • Prevents Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Boosts Brain Power
  • Cures Depression,
  • Treats Arthritis
  • and Many other Diseases
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Slows Down Aging

by Craig Cooney, PhD, with Bill Lawren

  May 1999  



  Stop Depression Now

Stop Depression Now: SAM-e, [SAMe] the Breakthrough Supplement that Works as Well as Prescription Drugs in Half the Time...with No Side Effects

  • The amazing new treatment for Depression, Joint Pain, Fibromyalgia, and other conditions

by Richard Brown, MD, Teodoro Bottiglieri. PhD, Carol Colman

  Jul 1999
Sep 2000



  The Methylation Miracle

The Methylation Miracle: Unleashing Your Body's Natural Source of SAM-e

The Natural Way to Reduce the Risk of:

  • Heart Disease
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Other Age-related diseases
  • and much, much more !

by Paul Frankel, PhD with Nancy Bruning

  Sep 1999  



  The Sam-E Solution

The Sam-E Solution: The Essential Guide to the Revolutionary Antidepression Supplement

Discover how to get the most from this amazing over-the-counter, all natural remedy !

  • Works twice as fast as prescription antidepressants
  • No negative side effects
  • Relieves pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more

by Deborah Mitchell

  Oct 1999
Sep 2000



  Superior healing power of SAMe

Superior Healing Power of SAMe

Natural Relief For:

  • Depression, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Liver Disorders, Anti-Aging

by Sherry Torkos B.Sc., Phm,
and Karolyn A. Gazella

  Oct 1999  



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