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Aging Without Growing Old Aging Without Growing Old
Take Charge of Your Health As Your Years Increase

We begin aging as soon as we are born.
But are we aging more quickly
than we should be... ?

Is there a way to slow down the aging process ? Can the typical signs of aging: wrinkle, loss of eyesight, high blood pressure and poor circulation possibly be avoided ?
  • Over forty years ago, Judy McFarland's mother Gladys began a personal crusade to increase the health of her family and friends.
  • Today, Judy Lindberg McFarland combines her mother's wisdom with cutting edge research gathered from respected doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts that clearly shows how we live and what we eat may dramatically alter the aging process.


Mar 2001

Author's Site
by Judy Lindberg McFarland
with Laura McFarland Luczak
Foreword by Douglas Walter McFarland, M.D.

Over 400 Pages of crucial information
Plus a 16 page Vitamin and Mineral Guide

  • The antioxidants - Vitamin A, C, & E help your body fight cellular destruction due to tobacco, pollution, & poor eating habits.
  • Natural ways to lower blood pressure and prevent stroke.
  • What you can do to boost memory and prevent Alzheimer's.
  • Special anti-aging therapies especially for men.
  • Preventing cataracts and other eye conditions.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Aging - Let's Slow It Down
    Holding Back the Hands of the Biological Time Clock
  • 2. The Significance of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs
    Important Nutrients for Health and Healing
  • 3. Building Immunity and Longevity with Antioxidants
    Live a Long Life by Preventing the Killer Diseases
  • 4. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
    Skin, Hair, and Nail Health
  • 5. Our Windows to the World
    Preventing Glaucoma, Cataracts and Other Eye Conditions
  • 6. Anti-Aging Nutrients For Our Brain
    What We Can Do to Enhance Thinking, Elevate Mood, Boost Memory and Prevent Alzheimer's
  • 7. You Gotta Have Heart
    Protecting Your Heart and Keeping It Healthy
  • 8. Are You Cold When Everyone Else Is Warm ?
    The Importance of the Thyroid Gland
  • 9. If the Pressure Is Up - Let's Turn it Down !
    Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure and Prevent a Stroke
  • 10. When the Weather Changes, Do Your Joints Ache ?
    Treating Arthritis and Related Problems Naturally
  • 11. Anti-Aging Therapies
    Slowing Down the Aging Process
  • 12. Men's Unique Challenges
    Anti-Aging Therapies for Men's Special Needs
  • 13. Let's Put It All Together
    The Complete Lindberg Nutrition Program
  • Appendix: Vitamin and Mineral Guide

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