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Everyone with depression should have this book, especially if it's your first book on how you can treat your depression with nutritional supplements, yes, even suicidal depression.

Dr. Slagle's simple and easy-to-understand explanations give you the "instant hope" you so badly need. Her knowledge and experience in treating the physical causes of depression will give you the confidence to begin helping yourself out of the lost world of depression.

I sincerely hope Dr. Slagle ( will re-print this book even just as it is. (And now she has !)

Melody Clark,


Take control of your life, reduce stress and make your days brighter !

Rid Yourself Of

Stress - Low Moods - Depression

  • With this easy-to-follow, drug-free program of B Vitamins & Amino Acids.

by Priscilla Slagle, M.D.

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306 Pages

of Revised

Dr. Slagle's program requires no drugs or therapy. It will increase your stamina -- and improve your mood forever.

An associate professor at UCLA, Dr. Slagle practices in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, California, where she has helped thousands overcome the effects of stress, low moods and depression:

  • "Your book has brought us from deep despair into the sunlight... I will remain grateful for the boundless joy and energy your medical knowledge has brought to me and my family."
  • "It has helped me more than any treatment ever."
  • "Made more sense to me than anything I've ever read on depression."
  • "I've found the results quite amazing. There was rapid and dramatic improvement."
  • "Thank you with all my heart for bringing me back to life."
  • "I've read your book and it's an answer to my prayers."

--- Table of Contents ---

Part I: Amino Acids and Low Moods

  • 1. The Horror of Depression
  • 2. How to Recognize Depression
  • 3. The Brain Amine Theory of Depression
  • 4. The Amino Acid Treatment Program
  • 5. Amino Acids, Brain Amines and Precursor Loading
  • 6. Program Adjustments for Special Circumstances

Part II: Everyday Contributors to Chemical Imbalance and Low Moods

  • 7. Nutrient Deficiencies
  • 8. Other Food-Mood Connections
  • 9. Life Habits and Exposures
  • 10. Specific Physical Illnesses and Low Moods
  • 11. Stress and Traumatic Life Events
  • 12. Psychological Stressors

Part III: Special Attention for Special People

  • 13. The Young: Special Attention for Special People
  • 14. The Old: Special Attention for Special People

Part IV: A Mood-Balancing Way of Life

  • 15. Improving Mental Habits and Life-styles



  • Update: The Tryptophan Controversy

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