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Amino Acids Are Essential

Amino Acids Are Essential

The Amino Revolution The Amino Revolution
The Breakthrough Program That Will Change The Way You Feel

Learn How Amino Acids Can Help You:

  • Relieve Depression
  • Fight Anxiety
  • Improve your sex life
  • Facilitate weight loss
  • Prevent heart disease
  • Boost your immune system
  • And much more

by Robert Erdmann, Ph.D.
with Meirion Jones



248 Pages

Pub 1989


Amino acid supplements are safe, simple, and unequaled among natural substances for their health-enhancing potential.

Used wisely, they are miracles of nature.

Clinical studies have shown that amino acids - the building blocks of protein - can, if taken as dietary supplements, strongly enhance an individual's overall well-being, as well as prevent specific ailments.

In this first and only complete guide to amino acids, Dr. Robert Erdman, a nutritional expert,

  • Explains amino acids
    • What they are
    • How they work
    • Why they are so important to protein deficient diets
  • Offers guidelines for amino acid supplementation
    • dosage
    • safety
    • precautions
  • Outlines basic amino acid requirements for general good health
    • for the average individual
    • atheletes and bodybuilders
    • dieters
    • and those with other special concerns

Dr. Erdmann illuminates the fact that every illness is the result of metabolic imbalances. These imbalances can be rectified with nutritional supplements in the form of amino acids taken together with certain vitamins and minerals.


The Amino Revolution examines the metabolic imbalances behind a variety of health problems and suggests taking specific combinations of amino acids to restore metabolic balances that will:

  • Fight Depression
  • Increase energy levels
  • Facilitate weight loss
  • Soothe pain
  • Overcome sexual problems
  • Prevent and alleviate digestive troubles, allergies, and heart disease
  • Bolster the immune system (to fight off illnesses from herpes to cancer)
  • Fight addictions such as drinking and smoking
  • Slow the aging process

--- Table of Contents ---

Part One: Meet the Free Aminos

  • 1. The Amino Acid Impact
  • 2. How Aminos Work
  • 3. Getting to Know the Free Aminos

Part Two: Ground Rules of Amino Supplementation

  • 4. How to Use Amino Acids
  • 5. Safety and Precautions
  • 6. Which Amino Acids Do You Need ?
  • 7. Complete Blend, Complete Well-Being

Part Three: Aminos and Lifestyle

  • 8. Aminos and Bodybuilding
  • 9. The Amino Dieting Revolution

Part Four: Amino Brain Power

  • 10. Alertness and Memory
  • 11. Stresswatch
  • 12. Anxiety--Not all in Your Mind
  • 13. Depression -- A Brain Symptom

Part Five: Pathways to Vitality

  • 14. Master Protectors Against Illness
  • 15. Cancer and Amino Acids
  • 16. The Amino Answer to Heart Disease
  • 17. An End to Digestive Troubles
  • 18. Allergy Answers
  • 19. Sex and Amino Acids
  • 20. Help Against Herpes
  • 21. Free Aminos and Feeling Young
  • 22. The Youthful Skin Connection
  • 23. Amino First Aid

Part Six: Confrontation and Compulsion

  • 24. Put Out the Smoke with Amino Acids
  • 25. The Alcohol-Amino Link
  • 26. Aid for Anorexia
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