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Complete Guide to Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs
Complete Guide to
Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs
2003 Edition

The Bestselling Classic
Affordably Priced for Every Home
Over 2 Million Copies Sold!


Contents (2000) Edition

  • Includes New FDA-Approved Drugs
  • Includes: Easy-to-Use Chart Format for Quick Access to Data
  • How to Avoid Dangerous Interactions
  • Information on Dangerous Side Affects
  • Warnings and Vital Data for Safe Use
  • Over 5,000 Brand Names
  • Over 700 Generic Names

by H. Winter Griffith, M.D.



1104 Pages

Pub 10/99


Table of Contents

Emergency Guide for Anaphylaxis Victims
See inside front cover

  • Drugs and You
  • Guide to Drug Charts
  • Information about Substances of Abuse
  • Checklist for Safer Drug Use
  • Compliance with Doctors' Recommendations
  • Cough and Cold Medicines
  • Pregnancy Risk Category Information
  • Drug Charts (Alphabetized by generic drug name or drug class name)
  • Generic and Brand Name Directory
  • Additional Drug Interactions

Index (Generic names, brand names and class names)
Emergency Guide for Overdose Victims - Inside back cover
Emergency Telephone Numbers - Inside back cover

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