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How To Heal Depression How to Heal Depression

Being depressed is nobody's fault
and nothing to be ashamed of.

It is an illness like heart disease,
high blood pressure, or diabetes.
  • More than 15,000,000 Americans are depressed and don't know it.
  • Depression is now one of the most rapidly and successfully treatable of all serious illnesses.

by Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.
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& Peter McWilliams
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248 pages



Table of Contents

Selected Chapters and Sections

Understanding Depression: ...What Depression Is...

  • 1. You Are Not Alone
  • 2. If You Need It, Get Help At Once
  • 3. There Is No Need To Suffer
  • 4. "Why Bother?"
  • 12. You Can Be Depressed without "Feeling Depressed"
  • 13. Seeking Treatment for Depression Does Not Imply a Lack of Character, Discipline, Common Sense, or Personal Strength
  • 16. Delay Major Decisions - Depression Alters Perception
  • 17. The Question of Suicide
  • 18. The Power of Positive Thinking Crashes and Burns in the Face of Depression
  • 29. Depression is the #1 Cause of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, and Other Addictions
  • 32. Fatigue
  • 33. Depression Destroys Relationships
  • 36. Why Depression Must Be Treated
  • 37. Treatment for Depression is a Natural Process

Healing the Brain: ...A Look at Biological Causes...

Healing the Mind: ...Unlearning Mental Habits...

As Healing Continues: ...Continuing New Pathways...

and so much more...


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