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Fighting Depression
Fighting Depression
The Classic Work on Proven Therapies for the Many Types of Depression
  • No Way Out ?
  • Millions of people are sad, joyless, fearful, despondent - and don't know why, or what to do about it.
  • Depression is a draining, sometimes killing, condition that affects not only its victims but countless others who are close to the sufferers.


9th Printing
2nd Revised Edition

  • But, mysterious though it may seem, depression is as much a disease as measles - and as treatable.
  • The message of this book is that "there is so much help available that no one should ever stay depressed."

by Harvey M. Ross, M.D.

  • Dr. Ross emphasizes the often-overlooked nutritional components of depession, giving arresting case histories of patients cured by dietary management alone.
  • He also examines other causes of depression, including the little-understood role of fungal infections, and explains the benefits of many treatment methods.

Table of Contents
Preface to Revised Edition
Preface to Second Edition

Part 1 - Understanding Depression

  • 1. Depression May Afflict Anyone
  • 2. Depression as Viewed by the Patient
  • 3. Depression as Seen by Family and Friends
  • 4. Suicide -- the Ultimate Danger of Depression
  • 5. Depression as Seen by the Physician

Part 2 - Hypoglycemia

  • 6. How Nutritional Therapy Works
  • 7. Are You Tired of Being Tired ?
    Maybe You Have Hypoglycemia ?
  • 8. The Hypoglycemic Diet
  • 9. Case Histories with a Happy Ending
  • 10. Hypoglycemia: Questions and Answers

Part 3 - Other Medical Causes of Depression

  • 11. Viruses and Depression
  • 12. Yeast Infections and Depression
  • 13. Food Sensitivities and Mood

Part 4 - Treatments for Depression

  • 14. Medication for Depression
  • 15. Lithium
  • 16. Amino Acid Therapy for Depression
  • 17. The Psychotherapies
  • 18. Convulsive Therapies

Part 5 - Finding Help

  • 19. Choosing a Doctor
  • 20. What Help Is Available


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