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Coping With Depression Video
  • There is a powerful message of hope in Mary Ellen Copeland's Coping With Depression. This video is for anyone struggling with depression: for family members, friends and health care professionals. Warm, helpful, and engaging, the video is the fruit of research and hundreds of interviews with depressed persons.
  • This Tape is not available on and must be purchased separately from Author's Site.

Mary Ellen Copeland, MA

Video Tape

60 Min

This tape shows how to incorporate into your life the strategies that the author and others have used successfully to keep their own depressive episodes at bay. An excellent educational resource, the video validates the feelings of people with depression and encourages a program of simple yet effective self-help techniques.

Well-known for her workshop and lecture presentations, Mary Ellen Copeland holds an MA in Counseling Psychology. Depression had a major impact on her life until she achieved long-term stability through the wellness program she describes on this video. | SuicideCrisisCenter |

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