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Darkness Visible - A Memoir of Madness


  • Pulitzer Prize winning author, William Styron describes his devastating descent into depression, taking us on an unprecedented journey into the realm of madness.
  • In the summer of 1985, he was overtaken by persistent insomnia and a troubling sense of malaise -- the first signs of a deep depression that would engulf his life and leave him on the brink of suicide.
  • This highly acclaimed account is an intimate portrait of the agony of Styron's ordeal, as well as a probing look at an illness that affects millions yet is still widely misunderstood.
  • Styron writes, "To most of those who have experienced it, the horror of depression is so overwhelming as to be quite beyond expression."
  • He is unsparing as he shares the anguish of his illness and return from the abyss.

by William Styron



84 pages

Pub 1992

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