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Prozac: Questions and Answers for Patients, Family and Physicians PROZAC
Questions and Answers for Patients, Family and Physicians

The facts and fallacies about Prozac, today's most misunderstood "miracle cure."
  • What is Prozac?
    • Who should take it?
    • Can it truly transform personalities?

  • How much do you really know about Prozac, the alleged "miracle drug" that doctors worldwide have used to alleviate crippling clinical depression in their patients?
  • In an easy to use question and answer format, Dr. Ronald R. Fieve, one of the nation's foremost experts on Prozac and its uses, gives detailed and authoritative answers to the questions most commonly asked about Prozac
    • to help you make informed decisions on this complex, often confusing prescription
    • and offering for the first time a unique and surprising interpretation of the effects of Prozac on personality
    • as well as the dangers of prescribing Prozac to misdiagnosed patients.

by Ronald R. Fieve, M.D




Pub 4/96


Excerpt From "Prozac: Questions and Answers"

Who takes Prozac ?

You'd be amazed. Since its introduction, over 11 million patients worldwide and 6 million in the United States have taken Prozac.

  • These people cover the gamut from children to adolescents to the elderly,
  • from lifelong depressives who, with the help of Prozac, are beginning for the first time to structure their lives in responsible ways,
  • to many highly successful, productive people who have had from one to numerous bouts of depression in their lifetime.

  • Name any randomly chosen group of successful people in society, business, politics or the arts, and it is likely that 20% to 30% of them are either taking Prozac or have been given Prozac at some point over the last several years.

  • Actors, politicians, housewives, businesspeople, and artists have flooded talk shows, newspapers, magazines and books with stories of how Prozac has helped them.

  • People of all classes, races and religions have benefited from and talked about the miraculous effects of Prozac in reversing their despair, chronic lack of pleasure, poor functioning, and persistent low-level depression--

and in raising them to a level of functioning so much better than their previous state that patients have sometimes used the term, "new self."

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