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Amino Acids Are Essential

Amino Acids Are Essential

Carlson Wade's Amino Acids Carlson Wade's
Amino Acids Book

What You Need to Know

How to Use the Mysterious Powers
of the Basic Elements of Life
for Vibrant Health and Lifetime Wellbeing

Your Amino Acids "Medicine Cabinet"

  • Amino Acids are food elements, but also function as natural healing substances
    • Amazingly effective, yet
    • Free of dangerous side effects

by Carlson Wade



145 pages

Pub 2/85

  • For Depression, tyrosine and tryptophan have brought about mood elevation and renewed hope within days.
  • Stubborn Pain of Arthritis has yielded to phenylalanine.
  • Cysteine helps protect against Stress, radiation and
  • Overweight ? Look into tyrosine, ornithine and arginine.
  • And not to overlook glutamine, representing a real breakthrough in control of Alcoholism.

Make amino acids a part of your personal health program

--- Table of Contents ---

  • Introduction
  • 1. Protein - Essential for Life
  • 2. Getting Enough Amino Acids
  • 3. How Amino Acids Can Rebuild Your Life
  • 4. Essential vs. Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • 5. How to Stay Young with Amino Acids
  • 6. How Amino Acids Build Immunity to Illness
  • 7. Heal Yourself with Amino Acids
  • 8. Amino Acids from Vegetarian Sources
  • 9. Power Protein Foods and Supplements
  • 10. Amino Acids Are Potential Lifesavers
  • 11. Super Fitness with Amino Acids
  • 12. Your Amino Acid Cookbook



  • 1. Amino Acid Content of Foods per 100 Grams
  • 2. Amino Acid Balance
  • 3. Composition of Raw Greens
  • 4. Protein Content of Foods

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