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As of 1/24/05:

Hi !

A lot of time has certainly passed ! I've been happily living on a "no white stuff" diet for all these years. I lost a total of 52 lbs and have kept it off for 5 years now.

I can't seem to lose any more and but am still trying with different tweaks :)

As of 2/1/00:

Hi !

Thought I'd Share My Personal Experiences
With Low-Carb Living :-)

Overall I am very happy with this kind of diet, and feel confident that I will get back to the size I was when I got married 13 years ago.

  • Back in October '99, I went on the Dr. Atkin's Diet with my brother. It's been great going on it together. We call each other for support and to compare notes.
  • He lost 35 pounds after only 2 months with less coffee and a little weight lifting and has gained some nice muscle.
  • I only had cheat days on Thanksgiving & Christmas, but not on subsequent family birthdays.
  • He has cheated A LOT !! for 3 & 4 days at a time and goes right back on and continues to keep his weight down and lose slowly.
  • We're both on it for the long haul. But I have a bit more to lose than he did.
  • We both found it very easy to get going on the diet as long as we checked the lists of foods & veggies you can and can't or shouldn't have for optimal weight loss.
  • The initial weight loss is pretty fast, and the loosening clothes are great !!
  • At times my brother and I both felt kind of rotten & tired for the first two plus weeks but got to feeling better and feel normal now.
  • After about two weeks, I began to feel an overall emotional loss. I felt kind of complainy & pouty for a while like I was sort of "grieving" at losing certain foods or perhaps even more so, a bit of my freedom to eat anything I want.
  • Yet I found it easy to stay on and still fix dinner carbs for my hubby and don't eat them while he does. He doesn't gloat and I don't begrudge him enjoying his carbs. We do laugh about it sometimes though !!
  • My brother and I both started to become very creative in food prep. We each fix lots of great stuff to eat and share recipes and ideas.
  • And there is perhaps, a lot more of food preparation to do if you are not used to it. Ten years ago, I never used to cook at all and could not have gone on this diet then.
  • And now, aside from occasional momentary memory of a particular food,
    • I have grown very accustomed to and de-sensitized from a lot of the high carb foods I used to eat and still prepare for my hubby.
    • He has ice cream in the house, occassionally donuts or other things he has a hankering for --
    • But there are certain foods he can't have in the house because they would be too hard for me to resist - like:
      • Haagen-Dazs ice cream, cake, pie, powdered or chocolate donuts, candy, potato chips, honey roasted peanuts.
      • Regular roasted nuts are okay and I can even eat them at 6 carb grams for 40 nuts!!
      • The honey nuts only have 8 grams but I can't stop eating them !
      • So that's the difference.
      • Besides we never had most of that stuff in the house anyway.
  • P.S. Occasionally I "switch over" to Suzanne Somers and have a carb afternoon or a fruit evening. It helps me stay on the overall low carb track.

FYI :-)


UPDATE 4/10/00
  • Jan & Feb weight loss slowed to 4 pounds in two months.
  • Went on a quasi - Sugar Busters for a month & gained - yikes!! Not a fair trial of Sugar Busters though !
  • Decided to cut some caffeine, something I would never have done before !!
    • Have my regular coffee in morning
    • Have decaf in afternoon and evening
    • Switched to No-caffiene diet colas !!
    • Decreased colas altogether & drink more water.
    • Must take 8-12 Twinlab Fibersol caps per day to feel "normal".
  • Went on a trip and stayed on diet. Family hosts were very supportive, accomodating, and helpful. Bought and prepared special food for me. Lost 4 pounds. Diet so easy to stay on - my amino acids help curb appetite too.
  • I've lost 34 pounds to date.
  • Dr. Atkins says that some women lose slower.
  • Bought a new Orbitrek - maybe I'll use it and get some faster weight loss. Have a ways to go !! :-)

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