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The Origin of Everyday Moods The Origin of Everyday Moods:
Managing Energy, Tension, and Stress

How understanding your moods - and what causes them - - can help you think more clearly, be more productive, and lead a more enjoyable life.


  • Far from a shallow quick-fix book, The Origin of Everyday Moods is an in-depth exploration of the origins and influences of moods that affect us every day of our lives.
  • It brings readers to a new understanding of the underlying biology of their daily cycles of energy and tension, and offers powerful recommendations for breaking self-destructive habits and leading a richer, more enjoyable life.

by Robert E. Thayer, Ph.D.



276 Pages

Pub 6/96



276 Pages

Pub 11/97

Table of Contents

Part One

The Origin of Moods

  • 1. Mood & Its Meanings
  • 2. A Theory of Mood
  • 3. Moods as Barometers of Well-Being
  • 4. The Relationship Between Mood and Thoughts
  • 5. Energy and Tension Changes with PMS, Drugs, Social Interaction, Weather, and Life Events
  • 6. How Energy and Tension Interact
  • 7. The Evolutionary Biology of Moods
  • 8. The Physiology and Anatomy of Mood

Part Two

The Self-Regulation of Mood

  • 9. Self-Regulation: Why, How, and How Effective ?
  • 10. Individual Differences in Mood-Regulation Strategies
  • 11. Mood Substitution: Different Ways of Achieving the Same Mood
  • 12. Rational Mood Substitution: Exercise More and Indulge Less

Part Three

Optimal Mood Management

  • 13. The Practical Psychology of Self-Regulation
  • 14. Overcoming Tense-Tiredness by Increasing Energy
  • 15. Reducing Tension to Overcome Tense-Tiredness
  • 16. Moods at Different Times of Day
  • 17. Systematic Self-Observation: The First Step in Mood Change
  • 18. A Review of the Origin and Self-Regulation of Everyday Moods


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