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Mastering Your Moods


  • With Dr. Kinder's practical advice on how to recognize your temperament type, you can predict your reactions, and, therefore achieve a state of mind that will offset your destructive emotions.
  • This knowledge also makes dealing with the moods of others much easier.
  • With self-analysis techniques and questionaires to help you recognize your individual mood type, and practical ways to control emotions in any situation, this book will help you achieve a natural and satisfying state of comfort.

by Dr. Melvin Kinder



288 Pages

Pub 1995

Table of Contents

Part One

The Mystery of Your Emotions

  • 1. Good People, Bad Moods
  • 2. Exploding Myths About Emotions
  • 3. Psychobiology: An Emotional Thermostat
  • 4. Temperament: The Mood Forecaster

Part Two

Recognizing Your Innate Emotional Type

  • 5. Sensors: From Anxiety to Courage
  • 6. Dischargers: From Anger to Release
  • 7. Focusers: From Moody to Alive
  • 8. Seekers: From Craving to Contentment

Part Three

Mastering Your Emotions

  • 9. Reconsidering Comfort Zones
  • 10. Resetting Your Emotional Thermostat
  • 11. Other People's Temperaments
  • 12. Getting Help: Psychotherapy and Medications


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