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Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness
The Unsuspected Illness
  • After 35 years of medical practice, the author of this timeless work, asserts that over 40% of the American people are suffering from needless undiagnosable illnesses from varying degrees of thyroid deficiency.

by Broda Otto Barnes, MD, PhD,
and Lawrence Galton


308 Pages

Pub 1982


---Table of Contents---

  • A Personal Message to the Reader
  • 1. The Many Faces of Thyroid Deficiency
  • 2. The Vital---and Errant---Gland
  • 3. The Flaw in Diagnosis... and Overcoming It
  • 4. The Thyroid and Fatigue
  • 5. Migraine and Other Headaches
  • 6. The Thyroid in Emotional and Behavioral Problems
  • 7. Infectious Diseases: Why, For Some, So Many
  • 8. The Thyroid and the Skin
  • 9. Menstrual Disorders, Fertility Problems, and Avoiding Needless Surgery
  • 10. The Hypertension Association
  • 11. The Thyroid and Heart Attacks
  • 12. Arthritis
  • 13. The Thyroid, Diabetes, and Hypoglycemia
  • 14. The Thyroid, Lung Cancer, and Emphysema
  • 15. The Thyroid and Obesity: The Real---and Surprising---Connections
  • 16. The Role of the Thyroid in Aging
  • 17. A Word about Thyroid Treatment


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