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When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens
When Nothing Matters Anymore
A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens

On April 8, 1994, Kurt Cobain ended his long struggle with depression and chemical dependency by taking his own life.

His suicide profoundly affected millions of fans around the world who identified with the music of Kurt and his band, Nirvana.

Bev Cobain is Kurt's cousin, and this powerful book is her way of dealing with his death & and reaching out to teens with a life-saving message:

"You don't have to be sad, discouraged, or depressed. There is help and hope for you."

  • The "Hormone Zone", or depression?
    Being a teenager is a hard job. How do you tell if feeling down, angry, sad, or helpless, is "just your hormones," or if you, or someone you know, may be one of more than two million teens suffering from depression ?
  • This book tells you what signs to notice, what they may mean, and what steps you can take to change the way you feel.
  • Depression isn't shameful; it's a medical illness for which there is effective treatment.
  • Read true stories of how depression affected other teens, and how they overcame their depression.
  • Don't let depression defeat you. Learn how to make changes that will help to put you in charge of your mental health.


by Bev Cobian, R.N.C.



176 pages


Full of solid information and straight talk, WHEN NOTHING MATTERS ANYMORE defines and explains adolescent depression, reveals how common it is, describes the symptoms, and spreads the good news that depression is treatable.

Personal stories, photos, and poetry from teens dealing with depression speak directly to readers' feelings, concerns, and experiences.

Teens learn how to recognize depression in themselves and others, understand its effects, and take care of themselves by relaxing, exercising, eating right, and talking things over with people who care.

For some teens, self-help isn't enough, so Bev also tells about treatment options, presents the facts about therapy, explains the differences between various types of helping professionals (psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, physicians, counselors, etc.), discusses medications, and more.

This book isn't just for teens who have been diagnosed with depression. It's for any teen who feels hopeless, helpless, and alone.

Clear, encouraging, and matter-of-fact, it's also recommended for parents, teachers, and counselors who want to know more about teen depression.


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