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When Living Hurts
When Living Hurts
What to do for yourself
or someone you care about

who feels discouraged, sad, lonely, hopeless, angry, frustrated, unhappy, bored, depressed or suicidal.

"The first in-depth book in suicide prevention and crisis intervention...
it points the way to hope and help,"

Julie Perlman, Executive Officer of the
American Association of Suicidology.

  • When Living Hurts is for people who want to help themselves or someone else who is in trouble.
  • This insightful, direct book can help you interpret the early warning signals, get help when the problem is urgent, and cope creatively with anxiety, anger or frustration, sadness, loneliness, or depression.

by Sol Gordon, Ph.D.



160 Pages


With wisdom, humor, and style, Dr. Gordon acknowledges that we live in an imperfect world.

There are things to worry about and everyone feels hopeless, helpless, and unloved sometimes.

Yet there are things we can do that will lead to a new understanding, new hope, and new meaning in life.

In a time when depression and suicide are taking ever greater tolls, Dr. Gordon makes it clear: You and those you care about can find help when living hurts.


"concrete and concise... accessible, helpful."

School Library Journal

"Interesting, practical, and very much to the point."

Psychology Today


--- Table of Contents ---
(from the 1989 version)


Fragments of an Autobiography

  • 1. What To Do If You or a Friend Needs Help
  • 2. If You or Someone You Know Is Suicidal
  • 3. Sex and Love Worries and Facts
  • 4. For Young People Who Have "Problem" Parents
    • For Parents Who Have "Problem" Children
  • 5. God Concerns
  • 6. What Is the Purpose of Life
  • 7. More Fragments of an Autobiography

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