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Life Happens: A Teenager's Guide
Life Happens:
A Teenager's Guide to Friends, Failure, Sexuality, Love, Rejection, Addiction, Peer Pressure, Families, Loss, Depression, Change, & Other Challenges of Living

If you can't seem to get in touch with your emotions - and you feel that there's no one you can turn to - then you need Life Happens.
  • Written by specialists in adolescent psychology and medicine, this reassuring guide offers information to help you understand that the way you're feeling is totally normal, even when it seems that you're depressed for no reason at all.
  • Using the voices and letters of teens seeking help, the authors discuss some of today's most difficult situations
    • from the pressure to get good grades
    • to questions concerning sexuality
    • to dealing with your parents.
  • You'll learn the steps you can take to help yourself, as well as how and where to get professional help, if you want it.


by Kathy McCoy
& Charles Wibbelsman, M.D. (Contributor)



Table of Contents


  • 1. What Am I Feeling? Why Do I Feel So Bad?
  • 2. What Does It Mean to Be Depressed?
  • 3. What's Happening in My Life to Make Me Feel So Bad?
  • 4. I've Loved and Lost (and Other Hazards of Love Relationships)
  • 5. I Feel Like a Failure
  • 6. My Family Is Changing ... and My Life Is Falling Apart
  • 7. I'm Having a Sexuality-Related Crisis - Date Rape, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Pregnancy - and I Don't Know What to Do!
  • 8. I'm Gay/Lesbian and ...
  • 9. I'm Totally Stressed Out!
  • 10. I Have an Alcoholic Parent
  • 11. It Hurts to Be Different
  • 12. Someone I Love Has Died ... and I Don't Think I'll Ever Be Happy Again
  • 13. I Feel Awful and I Still Don't Know Why
  • 14. Getting Professional Help
  • 15. I Have a Friend Who ...
  • 16. You're Not Crazy ... You're Normal!



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