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A Parent's Guide for Suicidal and Depressed Teens
A Parent's Guide for
Suicidal and Depressed Teens
  • Help for Recognizing If a Child Is in Crisis and What to Do About It

by Kate Williams


234 Pages


Part One: Recognizing the Crisis

  • The Downward Spiral: Recognizing A Cry For Help
  • The Grim Reaper: Looking at Your Own Feelings
  • The Last Taboo: Talking Directly About Death

Part Two: Taking Action

  • Help is There for the Asking
  • Dial 911: Taking Action
  • Inside the Heart of Despair: Asking for Support
  • Courage: Giving Your Child Support
  • Drowning in the Romance of Death: Fighting Back
  • Chemical Balance: Learning About Drugs
  • Tough Love: Preparing For New Behaviors
  • Honest Eyes: Making a Commitment to Family Therapy
  • Hope: Breaking The Negative Cycle
  • It's a Jungle Out There: Looking at Other Issues
  • It Takes Life to Love Life: Self-Care for Parents

Part Three - Dealing With Adolescent Issues

  • The Family Community: Coming of Age
  • Changes: Adolescent Loss and Grief
  • Tied Up in Knots: Stress
  • Fiery Zits and Sudden Outbursts: Anger
  • Depression: The Heavy Cloud
  • Just to See You Smile: Caretaking
  • Fast Cars and Designer Jeans: Gender Pressures

Part Four - Facing Difficult Life Situations

  • The Two Fires: Divorce
  • Choices: Sexuality and Self-Acceptance
  • A Puzzle with a Missing Piece: Adoption
  • Waters Closing Over: Birth Secrets

Part Five - Accepting Recovery As A Reality

  • A New Picture: Creating A Manageable Family Life

Appendix A: Suicide Warning Signs
Appendix B: Your Lifestyle Profile
Appendix C: How to Tell When Drinking Is Becoming A Problem


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