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Real Age: Are You As Young As You Can Be?

Real Age
Are You As Young
As You Can Be ?

Featured on major television shows such as Oprah, CNN and 20/20 as well as in national media such as Newsweek and MSNBC.


Everyone Loves This Easy & Exciting Program !!

We all get tired of hearing it !!
"Eat Right & Exercise!"

  • But we can all benefit from this clever, research based way to see how a few easy choices can really make a difference now & in the future.

by Michael F. Roizen, M.D.



288 pages

Pub 2/99


The RealAge Story

Despite 30 years of advancement in our knowledge about the relationship between health behavior and longevity, preventive medicine has largely been a failure. We all know things that will help us live longer, healthier lives - exercising, eating a diet low in saturated fats, taking vitamins - but actually doing them is a different story.

Did you know, for example, that fewer than 15% of Americans get adequate amounts of exercise, even though more than 90% of those surveyed say that exercise is important to health. Why is there such disparity?

Because - as RealAge Creator, Dr. Mike Roizen discovered with his own patients - even relatively small changes in lifestyle require motivation. But - and here's where the difficulty arises - the benefits have to be both perceivable and achievable in the immediate future - not thirty years down the line!

As an internist, cardiac anesthesiologist and Professor of medicine who deals with heart attack and stroke patients every day, Mike Roizen felt there had to be a better way to make us understand that the behavioral choices we make today largely determine our rate of aging.

Age Reduction Made Possible

Utilizing the latest in multivariable statistical programming, Mike and his dedicated team of scientists, epidemiologists and nutritionists devised an entirely new way of interpreting the best and most up to date research the scientific community has to offer on health and aging. After studying the effects of more than 100 behaviors, from diet and medication to chronic smoking and stress control, he converted the associated risks of behaviors into one single and immediately meaningful currency: the rate of aging.

The RealAge Program was born - a program so unique that it goes way beyond telling you you'll live longer if you adopt a healthier lifestyle. It tells you, right now, whether you've got the body of someone who's 5, 10 or even 15 years older - or younger - than you are. But even better than that, the RealAge Program then goes on to provide you with a scientifically valid Age Reduction Plan that's filled with specifics - about what you're doing wrong, what you're doing right, and what else you can do to start growing younger right now.


Simple Choices Make A Big Difference

Simple choices make a big difference in our rate of aging. Choosing to take the right vitamins in the right amounts, flossing your teeth, and wearing a seat belt every time you get in a car are simple, easy choices that can make your RealAge 6-8 years younger. Reducing your blood pressure, becoming physically fit, and losing weight are harder choices, but they make a big difference in your rate of aging.

But the pay off of these choices is not only in the future the pay off is now! Choosing to live healthier now means slowing the pace of aging - and even reversing it - so that you are living younger today. Being 50, and having a RealAge of 42 allows you to live as young as an average 42 year old with all the added energy and youth.

Today, RealAge is earning recognition and praise for its revolutionary, scientific approach to healthier living. RealAge has been featured on major television shows such as Oprah, CNN and 20/20 as well as in national media such as Newsweek and MSNBC.

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