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Maximize Your Vitality and Potency For Men Over 40
Maximize Your Vitality & Potency
For Men Over 40

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by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.



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It's no longer a secret that an adult man's testosterone levels decline with age. Each man follows his own individual pattern. Some decline rapidly, some more slowly. Some start out at a relatively high "peak," others at a relatively low "peak." Sooner or later, though, the result is the same for all.

Eventually, nearly every man reaches a point where his testosterone no longer drives his sex life as well as he might like, and (just as importantly, but less well-known) no longer supports a wide variety of non-sexually related organs and tissues in an optimal way.

The relationship between gradually declining testosterone and a fading sex life is well-understood by every man (and every woman, too!), even if he or she doesn't have a degree in medicine. What's not generally appreciated by most men, and is just beginning to be appreciated by many practicing physicians, is that declining testosterone also shares a large part of the responsibility for a variety of other symptoms and diseases long thought to be part of "normal aging." These include heart disease, prostate disease (benign or cancerous), muscle and bone weakness, depression high cholesterol, abdominal weight gain, and loss of mental acuity.

For years, the media have promoted "hormone replacement" for women, repeatedly reminding us that it will prevent a substantial portion of such serious age-related conditions as heart disease and oteoporosis. We're also starting to read and hear that "hormone replacement" may preserve women's mental functioning, too, not only stabilizing emotions and "nerves" during menopause, but also preventing a significant amount of senility and Alzheimer's disease at older ages. It's simply common sense -- that if declining female sex hormones (estrogens and progesterone) contribute to these symptoms and disease in women, declining male sex hormones, especially testosterone, might do the same in men.

Although the conventional medical wisdom hasn't quite come around to that point of view, more and more evidence suggests that, like hormone replacement in women, replacing men's testosterone as it declines can protect men from a variety of age-related conditions, including:

  • Preventing the decline in sexual interest and ability or reinvigorating sexuality even if it has already begun to diminish.
  • Preventing atherosclerosis, angina, heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.
  • Normalizing cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Keeping prostate glands healthy.
  • Preventing the "low-grade" depression and "sour disposition" so common in men as they become grandfathers.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the risks of these and many other "normal" symptoms of aging can be significantly lessened by appropriate replacement of testosterone, as well as by a variety of other natural means.

There is no question that natural testosterone replacement is central to the treatment of all facets of "male menopause."

For this reason, most of this book concerns the clinical uses of testosterone. But please don't forget that, for the best results, reversing or staving off the ravages of aging must involve a multifaceted strategy that includes an excellent diet, vitamin and mineral supplements, appropriate herbs, regular exercise, limited alcohol intake, complete elimination of tobacco and other drugs, stress reduction, and any other measures that promote "general good health."


Table of Contents


  • 1. The Day Impotence Became Hip
  • 2. The Male Hormone
  • 3. Testosterone: Hormone ... Steroid ... Androgen
  • 4. The Ups and Downs of Male Sexual Arousal
  • 5. Re-Igniting the Sexual Fires: Testosterone
  • 6. Re-Igniting the Sexual Fires: Beyond Viagra®
  • 7. Hormone of the Heart
  • 8. Protecting the Prostate: The Role of Androgens
  • 9. Protecting the Prostate: Natural Alternatives to Proscar®
  • 10. Keeping Bones and Muscles Strong
  • 11. Improving Mood, Attitude, and Feeling of Well-Being
  • 12. How to Obtain Natural Testosterone
    (and Other Natural Hormones)


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