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Dealing With Depression Naturally Dealing With Depression Naturally:
The Drugless Approach to the Condition That Darkens Millions of Lives
  • Two dozen natural, drugless methods of fighting the insidious, draining and often deadly plague of depression, ranging from vitamins, good fats and minerals to homeopathy, exercise, visualization and light therapy, offer natural relief from the condition that clouds millions of lives.

by Syd Baumel

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Revised 2nd Edition

From the Author, Syd Baumel

Dealing with Depression Naturally is my attempt to provide depressives like myself - whether unipolar or bipolar - with a user's guide to the wide array of options we have for treating our condition naturally, with or without the help of "unnatural antidepressants."


--- Table of Contents ---
(from previous edition)

    Introductory Comments
  • 1. A Character Sketch of Depression
  • 2. A Model of Depression
  • 3. Emotionally Depressed, or Medically Ill ?
  • 4. Mood Poisoning
  • 5. The Glandular Connection
  • 6. Alternative Diagnoses: The Yeast Syndrome and Other Controversial Medical Conditions That May Promote Depression
  • 7. Nutritional Supplements: The "Orthomolecular" Approach to Depression
  • 8. Vitamin Power
  • 9. Balancing Minerals to Balance Emotions
  • 10. Separating the Good Fats From the Bad
  • 11. Amino Acids: The Stuff Natural Antidepressants are Made Of
  • 12. Using Nutritional Supplements
  • 13. Reactive Hypoglycemia: Emotional Havoc From the Wrong Kinds of Sweets and Starches
  • 14. Allergic Depression
  • 15. Guidelines for a Healthy, Antidepressant Diet
  • 16. Helpful Herbs
  • 17. The Homeopathic Solution
  • 18. Darkness and Light, Heat and Cold: The Elements and Depression
  • 19. Sleep Cures: Sleep Therapy and Sleep Deprivation
  • 20. Healing Rhythms: Getting Your Body Clock in Sync
  • 21. Working Out: Exercising to Exorcise the Blues
  • 22. Bodywork: Working the Body to Free the Mind
  • 23. Journeys Out of Stress: Relaxation and Meditation
  • 24. Being More Active to Become Less Depressed
  • 25. Reasoning With Yourself: The "Cognitive" Approach to Depression
  • 26. Creative Problem-Solving for the Causes of Your Depression
  • 27. Word Medicine: Suggestions for Self-Help
  • 28. Imaginary Healing: Psychotherapeutic Imagery for the Blues
  • 29. Interpersonal Healing: Social Dimensions of Depression and Its Treatment
  • 30. The Healing Arts
  • 31. Seeking Formal Psychotherapy
  • 32. "Unnatural Antidepressants": Antidepressant Drugs and Electroconvulsive Therapy
  • 33. Putting It All Together: Designing and Implementing a Depression Recovery Program for Yourself

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