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Children and Depression

Helping Your Child Cope With Depression and Suicidal Thoughts Helping Your Child Cope With Depression
and Suicidal Thoughts

Support for Parents Whose Children are Depressed

Contrary to popular belief, young children do get seriously depressed, and many try to kill themselves.

In Helping Your Child Cope with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts the authors, Shamoo and Patros, show parents:

  • How to learn to talk, listen, and communicate effectively with a depressed child
  • What situations can cause a child or adolescent to wish to commit suicide
  • What signs to watch for; myths and misinformation about suicide
  • How to determine the risk of suicide
  • And how to intervene

by Tonia K. Shamoo



192 Pages

Jan 1997


Table of Contents

1. Do Kids Kill Themselves? Looking at Suicide

  • Suicide in Children
  • Suicide in Adolescents
  • Certification of Suicide
  • Suicide Clusters
  • Children and Adolescents at Risk
  • Summary

2. Just a Bad Mood? Looking at Depression

  • View One of Depression
  • View Two of Depression
  • Masked Depression
  • Masked Depression or Learning Disability?
  • Developmental Issues
  • Stress in Depression
  • Loss in Depression
  • Physical Factors in Depression

3. Death through a Child's Eyes

  • Children's Views and Attitudes toward Death
  • Adolescents' Views and Attitudes toward
  • Death
  • Death as a Choice
  • Death as Related to Loss
  • Role Reversal

4. Myths and Misinformation about Suicide

5. Is My Child Depressed?

  • Signals of Depression
  • Masked Depression

6. My Child--Suicide?

  • Suicide Warning List for Children and Adolescents

7. Stress

  • Major Stressors
  • School Stresses
  • What Parents Can Do

8. Talking, Listening, Communicating

  • Barriers to Communication
  • Good Communication Patterns

9. Parenting Skills

  • Positive Feelings
  • Setting Limits
  • Rules
  • Consistency and Resistance
  • Independence
  • Acceptance

10. Intervention: What to Do When

  • Intervention Overview
  • Determining the Risk of Suicide
  • Crisis
  • Guidelines for a Variety of Situations

11. After the Suicide Attempt

  • Possible Areas for Change
  • Why?



About the Authors

Tonia K. Shamoo Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice specializing in suicide and depression and a psychological consultant for the Durham, Connecticut, Board of Education.

Philip G. Patros is a practicing psychologist and professor emeritus at Southern Connecticut State University.


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