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Children and Depression

Ben's Story: The Symptoms of Depression, Adhd and Anxiety That Caused His Suicide
Ben's Story:
The Symptoms of Depression, Adhd and Anxiety That Caused His Suicide

This book was developed for those who wanted an easy to pick up form of the first half of the larger volume, The Suicide of My Son.

The book traces the origins of Ben's bipolar depression, attention deficit disorder and symptoms of anxiety from infancy to his demise at age 14.

The behavioral manifestations of these conditions at various stages of his life are described.

Teacher evaluations, psychological impression and other reflections on Ben's development are intermixed with opinions from several noted child psychiatrists and researchers.

Readers become familiar with Ben and his struggle in a highly personal way.


by Trudy Carlson



Jan 1998




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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction:

  • Why I wrote this book

Chapter 2 May 31, l989:

  • From the day he died to the funeral

Chapter 3 Infancy:

  • Difficulty with eating and sleeping as early indicators

Chapter 4 Preschool Years:

  • Prone to accidents, high activity level, difficulties with peers, bedwetting and self-esteem issues

Chapter 5 Early School Years:

  • Inability to concentrate, speech peculiarities, cognitive looseness, oppositional defiance, frequent illnesses, motivational issues, angry and irritable

Chapter 6 Upper Elementary Years:

  • Becoming disheartened, attempts to get further evaluation and professional help

Chapter 7 Seventh Grade:

  • Concerns about transition to junior high school and a program to improve self-confidence and skills

Chapter 8 Eighth Grade:

  • Therapy, medication, and tragedy

Chapter 9

  • Who is to Blame for Ben's Death?

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